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Spooky summer on the horizon I’m gazing at
from my window into the streets
That’s where it’s going to be where everyone is
walking around, looking around out in the open
suspecting each other’s heart to open fire
all over the streets
 like streets you read about every day
who are the network we travel through on the way to the center 
which is energy filling life
and bursting with joy all over the screen
  I can’t sit still any longer!

I want to go where I’m not feeling so bad
Get off this little island before the bridges break 
(my heart is a sore thing too)
No I want to sit in the middle watching movies 
then go to bed in my head
Someone is banging on it with a heavy stick like the enemy
who is he going to be turns into a face you can’t recognize
then vanishes behind a window behind a gun 
Like the lonely hero stalking the main street 
cries out Where are you? I just want to know
all the angles of death possible under the American sky!

I can hardly see for all the buildings polluting the sky 
until it changes into a barrage of bottles
then clears up for a second while you breathe
and you realize you’e still as alive as ever and want to be 
but would like to be somewhere else perhaps Africa 
Start all over again as the race gets darker and darker 
and the world goes on the way I always thought it would
For the winner is someone we recognize out of our collective past 
which is turning over again in the grave

 It is so important when one dies you replace her 
 and never waste a minute

© Anne Waldman