Each day I see the long ships coming into port

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Each day I see the long ships coming into portand the people crowding to their rail, glad of the shore:because to have been alone with the sea and not to have knownof anything happening in any crowded way,and to have heard no other voice than the crooning sea'shas charmed away the old rancours, and the great windshave search'd and swept their hearts of the old irksome thoughts:so, to their freshen'd gaze, each land smiles a good home.Why envy I, seeing them made gay to greet the shore?Surely I do not foolishly desire to gohither and thither upon the earth and grow wearywith seeing many lands and peoples and the sea:but if I might, some day, landing I reck not wherehave heart to find a welcome and perchance a rest,I would spread the sail to any wandering wind of the airthis night, when waves are hard and rain blots out the land.

© Christopher John Brennan