I said, This misery must end

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I said, This misery must end:Shall I, that am a man and knowthat sky and wind are yet my friend,sit huddled under any blow?so speaking left the dismal roomand stept into the mother-nightall fill'd with sacred quickening gloomwhere the few stars burn'd low and bright,and darkling on my darkling hillheard thro' the beaches' sullen boomheroic note of living willrung trumpet-clear against the fight;so stood and heard, and rais'd my eyeserect, that they might drink of space,and took the night upon my face,till time and trouble fell awayand all my soul sprang up to feelas one among the stars that reelin rhyme on their rejoicing way,breaking the elder dark, nor staybut speed beyond each tramelling gyre,till time and sorrow fall awayand night be wither'd up, and fireconsume the sickness of desire.

© Christopher John Brennan