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Frank Florence Kiper

Born in 1885 / Died in June 27, 1976 / United States / English

Frank Florence Kiper poet from United States was born in 1885, had 91 years and died on June 27, 1976. Poems were written in Modern age mainly in English language. Dominant movement is other.

Top ten poems Frank Florence Kiper

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City of Huge Buildings

... City of huge buildings into which men have poured their souls,City of innumerable schools where little children are taught and cared for,City of the great University, discussing solemn and learned questions,City of well-dressed, beautiful women, sleek, satisfied, sure of their clothes and of themselves,And their husbands sleek and satisfied also:I, a common prostitute, in the wan morning buying cocaine,Ask you the meaning of it all. ...

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A Girl Strike-leader

... uth scornful of its suffering --The young mouth! -- body virginalBeneath the cheap, ill-fitting suit ...

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The Movies

... ows a cheap release From worry and from pain --The cowboys spur their horses Over the unending plain ...

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The Jewish Conscript

... ime! Yet why should I complain! --For a Jew that they hung on the bloody cross, He also died in vain ...