Echoes from the Greek Anthology

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I. STARLIGHT1.2Thou lookest on the stars above:1.3Ah, would that I the heaven might be1.4With a million eyes to look on thee.


II. ROSELEAF2.2And after that the thorn;2.3An hour of dewy morn,2.4And then the glamour goes.2.5Ah, love in beauty born,2.6A little while the rose!


III. PHOSPHOR -- HESPER3.2 My love I now must leave;3.3The hours of day I slowly tell,3.4And turn to her with the twilight bell, --3.5 O welcome, star of eve!


IV. SEASONS4.2Cooling thirsty lips aglow;4.3Sweet to sailors winter-bound,4.4Spring arrives with garlands crowned;4.5Sweeter yet the hour that covers4.6With one cloak a pair of lovers,4.7Living lost in golden weather,4.8While they talk of love together.


V. THE VINE AND THE GOAT5.2I yet shall bear enough of fruit5.3For wine to sprinkle your dim eyes,5.4When you are made a sacrifice.


VI. THE PROFESSOR6.2Of Professor Callias,6.3Listen silent while he drawls, --6.4Three are benches, four are walls.


© Henry Van Dyke