Australian Anthem.

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MAKER of Earth and Sea,
What shall we render Thee?
All ours is Thine: —
All that our land doth hold,
Increase of field and fold,
Rich ores and virgin gold,
Thine — Thine — all Thine!
What can Thy children bring?
What save the voice to sing
"All things are Thine?" —
What to Thy throne convey?
What save the voice to pray
"God bless our land alway,
This land of Thine?"
Oh with Thy mighty hand
Guard Thou the Motherland;
She, too, is Thine.
Lead her where honour lies,
We beneath other skies
Still clinging daughterwise,
Hers, yet all Thine.
Britons of ev'ry creed,
Teuton and Celt agreed,
Let us be Thine.
One in all noble fame,
Still be our path the same,
Onward in Freedom's name,
Upward in Thine!

© James Brunton Stephens