Brain Litany: Or, Overlooking the Existential Factor

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"Can it be that any man has the skill to fabricate himself?" -- St. Augustine

The brain is a network of connections of cellsIt is not a connection of cellsIt is a connection of informationIt is a connection of blue vaseswith red flowers in themIt is not a connection of vasesIt is a connection of living memories

" ... and when we think of coconuts and pigs, there are no coconuts or pigs in the brain." -- Gregory Bateson

Where are theyWhere are the coconutsWhere are the pigs

The brain is a network of behavioral potentialitiesThe Brain is the mindThe brain is the central integrative role in human performance

Where are the pigsWhere are the coconuts

The brain is a compendium of holographic mechanismsHelp me find the coconuts Help me find the pigsThe brain is a neuro-physiological metaphorThe brain is an illusionist's exercise in Euclidean geometryThe brain is a vibrational amplifier for ambient field quantaFind me the goddamned coconuts the pigsThe brain is a cybernetic miracle with a three-ringtriune brain circus at its centre

The brain is an enchanted loom where millions of flashingshuttles weave a dissolving patternI know I saw the coconutsI know I saw the pigs

The brain is an evolutionary archaeological siteShow me those pigs one more timeThe brain is a dance among three interconnected biological computersI saw the pigsI saw the coconuts

The brain is a bicameral structure for playingepistemological handball.I know you have the coconuts

The brain is a reality structurer with lacrimal glandsThe brain is an international casino for quantum indeterminancyThe pigsThe pigsThe pigs

When we think of brains, there are no brains in the brain.

The coconutsThe pigsThe brain is a psycho-biological tar pit Give methe bloody coconuts in an emotional jungle you bastardor the brain is a macro-evolutional myth for the maintenance ofI'll bash the brain is an omnidirectional time machineclogged with death consciousness

I could cry

Show me those pigsShow me those coconuts


I think, therefore I am.

When we think of the "I," there is no one in the brain.

Where am I?Where am I? etc.

© Pier Giorgio Di Cicco