The Methodist Jesus

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Little Lord Jesus was a sissy butWe liked him anywayHe was like George WashingtonAnd never told lies -- onlyMuch more important we knew that.

Big Lord Jesus in the brown gownAnd scandals with kids climbing on his lap --He was nice but you never forgotHe was going to get nailed to the crossRight through his hands and feet.

Our heavenly Father sat at a big deskAnd could see right into our heartsWhere the swear words were and the liesAnd the other things, but if you really trulyWanted something you only had to ask.

The Holy Ghost?It was better notTo think aboutThe Holy Ghost.

It was the Christ Child we liked bestHe was always asleepAnd had a round halo like the R.C. JesusAnd a look on his face so sweetIt made you want to cryHe was on our level so to speakJust a little kid only holy.

© Shields Carol