Cast Those Tares Away

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The Good Master planted His wheat in the field,

Waiting for the harvest it would yield.

As it brought forth fruit and began to multiply,

His servants saw something that caught their eye.
They asked the Master, “did You not plant wheat”?

What are these tares that choke life and cheat?

Where did they come from and why are they here?

They destroy all and leaving nothing but a tear.
Should we go down and removed them now,

To save Your wheat from death somehow?

But the Master said, “the enemy has come,

While men slept and were silent and dumb.”
The enemy has planted his seed among Mine,

All we can do is give them a sign.

To destroy the tares would harm My wheat,

And would damage their roots in the heat.

Go and guide and protect My seed,

And make sure and meet all of the need.

We will wait until harvest day,

Then we’ll cast those tares away.

Written 7-08-06

© Gary R. Ferris