Seven Seals

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As the first seal was broken one of the beast said come and see,

I watched as I saw a rider on a white horse, the evil one to be.

The rider was wearing a bow and a crown,

And as he went forth to conquer I began to frown.

This rider is the false one that we all fear,

But the world was asleep and never shed a tear.
As the second seal was broken the second beast began to show,

I watched as a rider on a red horse rode out to take the peace we used to know.

The people began to kill and murder one another,

And take a sword even to his brother.

Violence and fear would fill the land,

And many would die by each other’s hand.

As the third seal was broken the third beast would say,

Look at the rider on the black horse taking away money to pay.

And one would shout the prices are to high,

And many wept as the cost of food hit the sky.

Although there was plenty, the greed was to much,

And the seller of goods was far out of touch.
As the forth seal was broken the forth beast said,

Look at the pale horse whose rider would make dead.

More violence, hunger, sickness and disease,

Death and Hell would drive many to its knees.

The food that once was safe to consume,

Would now bring many to meet their doom.

As the fifth seal was broken persecution began,

And the Christians would be slain if they took a stand.

The saints would cry daily before the thrown,

When will You make Your presences known?

The tribulation has began but it be long,

Until I go gather those that are strong.
As the sixth seal was broken and all hell broke loose,

The world was now trapped with its neck in a noose.

But those who were faithful and remained strong,

Have now gone to heaven where they really belong.

The twelve tribes were sealed but remained on earth,

Awaiting redemption to see what its worth.

With the saints removed the seventh seal was broken,

Now is time to find out that God wasn’t joking,

Those who remain will see great wrath,

Because they refused to follow His path.

The heavens were silent, the angels gathered round,

And readied the seven trumpets to sound.

Written 8-06-07

© Gary R. Ferris