Evil’s Fate

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Today you walk down the street,

And do just what you please;

Making crooked deals in allies,

As if no eyes can see.
Lie and cheat your neighbor,

And lure him into a snare;

Reject and betray your brother,

Just like you didn’t care.
To the poor and needy,

You quickly turn your back;

Steal and rob your money,

And stuff it in a sack.
Take your neighbors riches,

And cheat against your mate;

Pretend it does not matter,

And evil has no fate.

A good man is filled with sorrow,

When he has done wrong;

You show no remorse,

Unless you won’t belong.
So go ahead and pretend,

And go about your way;

For the pain you are causing now,

Will all be yours one day.

Written 10-24-90

© Gary R. Ferris