The Walk

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One day while I was walking,

All worried, with fear and lost;

I thought of things I had done,

And began to know the cost.
My troubles seemed so hopeless,

And life for me seemed through;

If I could only find a way,

To make my past brand new.
As I walked a little further,

A gray old man appeared;

He asked me what a smile was worth,

As the wind whipped through his beard.
I said, “old man you just don’t know,

The troubles I have seen;

My heart is full of sorrow,

And my soul will never be clean”.

“Things I have done,

No decent man would do;

The sins I once enjoyed,

Have made my life so blue”.
The old man kind of chuckled,

Then began to grin;

He said, “Son let me walk with you,

And tell you about sin”.
He said, “ I threw some rocks once,

That shed a lot of blood;

I took a lot of good people,

And smeared them in the mud”.
“At one time, I had a lot of money,

But miss used it all;

I stole from widows and poor people,

To make myself look tall”.

“I hurt and mistreated folks,

Who never were un-kind;

I’ve been to jail several times,

And once was even blind”.
“So don’t tell me of troubles,

And sorrows you can’t stand;

My name is Paul, I cannot help,

But I know of one who can”.
“So let Him know your troubles,

For He will never tell;

He has already paid the price,

So you won’t go to hell”.

Written 10-15-90

© Gary R. Ferris