Thank You Lord

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Sometimes I stop and wonder,

Why you’re still here;

Or what is good about me,

And why you even care.
You’re always there with me,

To help me out each day;

Even though I seldom listen,

To the words you have to say.
The things I always pray for,

I know they will come true;

My joy and peace you give me,

When each day is new.
You continue to forgive me,

For all that I have done;

When nights are filled with sorrow,

The day will bring the sun.

In days full of trouble,

And friends won’t say hi;

I know you will be there with me,

To take me if I die.
For who am I to deserve,

The grace you have shown;

Thank you Lord for keeping me,

When life for me was cold.

Written 10-29-90

© Gary R. Ferris