Consider The Birds

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Consider the birds, and how they sing,

Giving thanks to God, with voices that ring.
Joyful and gracious, they awake to say,

“Thank you Lord for a brand new day”.
Why are they happy and so inspired?

While humans moan, because they’re still tired?
What do they know that we haven’t got?

We struggle so hard to get out of the cot.
Maybe they know that yesterday is gone,

And new hope begins at the break of dawn.
They’re so happy to still have life,

Forgetting yesterday and all it’s strife.
They’ll soar high and breath fresh air,

Start a new nest or whatever they dare.
Glad for today and ignoring the past,

Chancing the odds, they’ll have a blast.

Considering the birds, what have we learned?

Yesterday is gone, so why be concerned.
Look forward to the blessings a new day will bring,

And rise up early and begin to sing.

Written 12-12-2002

© Gary R. Ferris